From Fitness to gameplay, track everything with charts and graphs, thanks to these tools


We live in the age of data, and if you’re the kind that loves numbers, charts, and graphs, there hasn’t been a better time in history for you to be alive. Almost every action that you take is tracked in some way or the other on some device or platform. But what good is all that data if you cannot make any sense of it? That’s where this workshop comes in – we show you how you can track everything – and we mean EVERYTHING!

Track Finances

Almost all of us are guilty of being bad with money at some point in our lives. No? Well even if you haven’t, you’ll probably find certain tools very helpful to supercharge your already sharp money management skills. Interestingly, the increasing volume of digital transactions also makes your job easier when it comes to keeping track of your finances. Today, every transaction, card swipe, and online payment generate an SMS  which gets sent to your phone and that’s exactly what apps like Walnut track to provide you with a neat overview of your finances.

Once you’ve downloaded the app and allowed it the necessary permissions it needs, you’ll find that the app quickly generates a lot of reports and charts (from your SMS inbox) showing you your expenses across time, categories, vendors and even daily reports on how much you’re spending. Want to check how much you generally spend on food vs healthcare? You can, right down to a pie chart. Walnut pretty much takes care of all your financial tracking needs with one app.

Track Health

Fitness trackers are quite ubiquitous these days and almost every single one has a pretty standard set of features in step tracking, basic sleep tracking, and certain smartphone alerts. But technology is capable of much more right now. In fact, your humble smartphone can do a lot of the things that you would buy a fitness tracker for in the first place. On the other hand, there are quite a few dedicated devices that offer you a more in-depth analysis than a standard fitness tracker.

Track Sleep

When it comes to sleep, get the Sleep as Android app from the Play Store or MotionX 24/7 from the App Store. Both apps offer in-depth sleep tracking with graphs showing you your sleep quality over the night. They also go beyond that by tracking your snoring and sleep-talking. All the data is presented in the form of easy to understand reports that will satisfy your tracking needs.



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